Steel Shotblasting

CPS's 99% dust-free steel shot-blasting process leaves a surface that is always dry, free of impurities and ready for immediate surface application.

Our ride-on steel shotblasting units utilize a powerful blast turbine throwing abrasive in a controlled blast pattern at high velocity against the surface to achieve proper profile.

Steel shot abrasives, propelled against dirty concrete and failed surface coatings, blast dirt, grease, oil, latent curing compounds, rigid paint, coatings, and other contaminants loose and free.

The contaminating debris is then drawn directly into a self-contained collection system under high vacuum pressure, assuring that fine dust particles are removed from microscopic cracks and pores.


CPS's 99% dust-free scarification process utilizes steel and carbide cutters for removal of failed or delaminated flooring systems, which include traffic toppings, membranes, epoxy overlays, high build-up of contaminants.

The type and thickness of material to remove will determine the profile upon completion. CPS utilizes a variety of cutters and spacers to minimize the measurable amount of concrete removal.

Our self-contained ride-on scarification unit will minimize cleanup. All debris is contained within the unit's collection system for proper disposal. Whether inside or outside, we will maintain a dust free environment.


Concrete Preparation Services is a licensed HAZMAT contractor. CPS's HAZMAT trained personnel are skilled in the removal and handling of hazardous materials (work levels B through D).

Concrete Polishing

Concrete polishing is not simply a method for protecting a concrete floor-it is a process for making any concrete floor dense, smooth and aesthetically pleasing. It is the concrete equivalent of fine sanding hard wood. Concrete polishing delivers an incredibly glossy, smooth, easy to clean, dust-free concrete floor that resists wear and marking for a beautiful, long term finish.

The polishing process consists of a series of abrasive smoothing steps that, when completed, produces an impressive concrete floor surface, both beautiful and durable. When the grinding and polishing steps are combined with the application of a compatible, liquid chemical densifier, the result is a smooth, glossy, durable and highly reflective floor. It produces an almost mirror-like floor that is exceptionally resistant to wear, dusting, marking and abrasion.

CPS's concrete polishing is applied by factory trained and approved contractors who maintain a high quality standard throughout the industry. The process begins by grinding and smoothing a concrete floor with diamond-impregnated abrasive discs that are fitted to large, heavy floor grinding and polishing machines. Depending upon the original condition of the floor to be treated-the first step of the process typically begins with coarse diamond pads that level the floor surface. The process then moves through a series of steps using progressively finer diamond pads, increasing the smoothness of the floor with each. The original condition of the floor and the desired level of finished polish determine the selection and number of steps.

CPS uses a patented “dry” or water-free process. A vacuum air-purification system is used to collect the dust during the dry abrasive smoothing process. Virtually all airborne dust is eliminated. The dust residue, which is collected in a disposable plastic bag, is safe for disposal in municipal landfills.

CPS concrete polishing is effective on old and new concrete. Most aged concrete floors can now be economically rejuvenated with our concrete polishing process. Once the polishing process is completed, the floor will last for decades, with a very affordable amount of care.